Saturday, March 3, 2012

Zacky's Hot Dogs and Smokehouse

Another favorite treat of mine is the all-American hot dog and yet I find it hard to come by a good hot dog joint. Well, look no more...there is such a place in Carmel on S. Rangeline Road called Zacky's Hotdogs and Smokehouse. Even better, it is locally owned and family operated, and this shows as soon as you walk in the door. I was greeted at the counter by a person who really seemed interested in knowing the customer and was eager to please. They have a long list of Vienna beef hotdog styles from which to choose including the Chicago and Cincinnati hot dogs. There are a variety of sides including sweet potato fries and coleslaw. This joint also features smokehouse barbeque - Tennessee style. In addition to the hotdogs and barbeque are other kinds of sandwiches including Italian beef. Everything I tried, a variety of of hotdogs and sides, was prepared right in front of me and delicious. I really liked the coleslaw which was homemade, creamy and with a surprise - cranberries. There are a few tables if you want to dine in - the walls are an interesting  lime green and the tables are covered in plastic gingham table cloths. Music in the background is cheery. Try Zacky's!

Atmosphere - 6
Service - 10
Price - 7
Presentation - 6
Food - 8
Overall - 8

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