Saturday, March 3, 2012

Yummy Yats

I like good quality carry-outs so I decided to go over to Yats on 96th St. for a carry-out dinner. Yats has been a favorite in the Indy scene for quite some time now due to its cheap and good Cajun Creole grub. Joe Vuscovich, the owner who grew up in New Orleans has four locations in town with College and Mass Ave. having the best atmospheres, casual and cool.  At all locations, the customer orders at the counter from a chalkboard menu. Each dish costs $5.50 and for a combination, you throw in another buck. For that price you get a good- sized portion of etouffee or jambalaya served over parboiled rice with a small slice of garlic bread. The menu is rotating and features about six or so choices depending on the day. Service is quick which is good since Yats tends to be crowded especially around noon and dinner times. This time I ordered my favorite spinach mushroom etouffee, a chicken creole dish, and red beans and sausage. Each had a nice and unique infusion of Cajun spices and tasted as if it had been brewing in a pot all day (which may be good or bad depending on your taste). Everything is thrown all together on its plastic ware so it is not the prettiest plate you will see. I thought the spices were right on, but my husband found it all on the mild side. The restaurant has a large variety of hot sauces to add to your food, if you are like my husband and like the heat turned up high! You won’t find much meat in the carnivore options. Desserts are minimal but do feature a good peanut butter pie and some treats from Circle Center Sweets – yum! Yats has found a good and simple recipe. And it is cheap!

Atmosphere - 5
Service - 6
Price - 9
Presentation - 5
Food - 8
Overall - 8 

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