Friday, March 9, 2012

Hearthstone Coffee House and Pub in Fishers

We needed a new lunch place so Corrin, me and my toddler went to the new Hearthstone Coffee House and Pub which had caught my eye on my way to work. It is located on 116th St. in Fishers in one of those neat brick plazas. It is locally owned and hopes to capture the spirit of a European pub. As we walked in we were greeted by a warm gas fireplace and a family sitting comfortably in leather armchairs around the fireplace. It was warmly brown inside and featured a coffee counter facing us and around the back was a bar. The light fixtures were very twiggy. There were scattered tables reminiscent of Starbucks with its occupants staring at computer screens while sipping their favorite beverage. Unfortunately there were not enough tables for the fair number of people looking for a nice lunch spot. Corrin and I sat at the at a tall counter that faced the parking lot as we waited for our order. My toddler went running for the children's books and games found in baskets by the fireplace. We had ordered the gumboliya soup and a chicken salad sandwich with a chai. I received my soup shortly but my sister was still waiting for her lunch 15 minutes later. When she inquired at the counter, the staff person seemed confused (similar to when we originally ordered) and realized her order had been lost!. Shortly her sandwich and soup appeared with an apology and a card for a free beverage. Well handled! The sandwich though small in size was fresh with the chicken salad and cranberry bread working well together. It was served with kettle chips and a pickle. Our soup was delectable featuring large chunks of veggies and meat including sausage, chicken, mussels and shrimp! I kept going back to the dessert display looking for a nice sweet thing to end our lunch but they were whisking away the muffins and scones, staples of a coffee shop. Another man getting ready to order a muffin was equally disappointed. They replaced the case with various cakes and cupcakes from the Flying Cupcake Bakery but I walked away bewildered by the fancy desserts. The menu also features healthy breakfast and lunch items including gluten-friendly choices. They have live entertainment on some nights with small plates in the evening.  All in all, a nice neighborly place for downtown Fishers!

Atmosphere - 8
Service - 5
Presentation - 6
Price - 6
Food - 8
Overall - 8

Listen up: The pub could use more cozy seating. Attention to details when plating foods suggested like providing crackers/bread with soup and displaying all available food would increase appeal. Making desserts in-house would be a nice touch. The staff seem confused and short in supply.

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