Friday, March 9, 2012

Taylor's Bakery I Want to Love You

At Hearthstone Coffee House and Pub, we were not able to find the right sweet ending to our lunch so Corrin and I thought for sure the solution would be found at the nearby Taylor's Bakery. Taylor's has been on the Indy scene for years, is locally owned, and has loyal customers. Here begins my lament. Is there not one good decent bakery in this whole Indy area? Where are the critics who demand more? How long have I been crying for a good bakery? Years? Yes, I did recently feature Great Harvest which I like but it hardly could stand up to any European or ethnic bakery. Plus it is a franchise with canned recipes! I keep trying which explains why I am here again at Taylor's. I pump up my spirits as I walk in the door and see once again mostly heavily decorated and traditional cakes and piles of donuts and cookies. No subtlety here. I resign myself to a glazed donut and these cute little cinnamon squares that look like donut pillows for Barbie dolls . My sister sacrilegiously buys their hot cross buns ("Way before Easter!" I scream at her.), a pecan tart and a cannoli. We break out the donuts before we reach home and enjoy the fresh homemade sugary taste; this is what they do pretty well.There is no chemical aftertaste like one gets after a grocery store donut or a donut from Dunkin Donuts. Unfortunately, the good stops here. The cute little cinnamon bites are way too cinnamony inside - almost inedible. The pecan tart is awful with a syrup and pastry that begs for improvement. The cannoli is equally bad. Well, I can be content with the fact that the hot cross buns may still be on the counter come Easter! Huge sigh. Rene's Bakery here I come. You are the one small yet bright bakery light in this town.

Atmosphere - 7
Service - 9
Price - 8
Presentation - 6
Food - 3
Overall - 5 (mostly due to great service)

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  1. Should you ever be willing to visit again, I highly recommend the Raspberry Angel Food Cake. Other than that, I'm with you, sistah.

  2. Thanks for the tip. I will definitely give it a try!