Saturday, March 10, 2012

And Now for Rene's Bakery

Of course, I had to work Rene's into my morning schedule after the sad experience at Taylor's. Would Rene's stand up to my criticism? This is a locally owned bakery in Broad Ripple for over a decade and is often at the local farmers' markets. Well, the main problem is that it is a tiny house - I mean tiny. But every corner is filled with mouth-watering temptations although they are a quite low on the pastry choices. The other problem is that it is a 15-minute drive from my house. Today I filled my bag with a perfect-looking loaf of brioche, a few berry scones, a plain croissant, an orange hazelnut croissant, and some pumpkin bread. I have eaten my way halfway through the bag and I can attest that everything is delicious. I always think the croissants are a little over baked beyond golden, but they are still very good. The pumpkin bread has perfect flavors and texture and the berry scone is interestingly hearty and good. A list of short ingredients on each product lets you know if your taste buds don't that the ingredients are high quality and pure. So yes, Indianapolis does have a excellent bakery albeit too small and limited in pastry choices.

Atmosphere - 6
Service - 8
Price - 6
Presentation - 7
Food - 9
Overall - 9 (food carries a heavier weight in this instance)

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