Saturday, March 3, 2012

Noodles and Company Again

I keep trying Noodles and Company, a place that touts itself as being a casual and healthy fast food restaurant.  I love noodles, all kinds, but I keep getting disappointed at this almost-all noodle place that features noodle dishes from around the world, specifically America, Asia, and the Mediterranean. All dishes are made from fresh ingredients as you order. I walk into one of the Indianapolis locations and am greeted by a motley group of pimply teenagers who are ready to fill my order. I decide on the Bangkok Curry with chicken for my husband, a mushroom stroganoff for myself and Wisconsin macaroni and cheese for the kids. I sit down and wait in the pleasant but bland dining area watching others eat their noodle selection from a cavernous bowl - something I would feed a family of four. My selections are ready in about 5 minutes and, too, are huge in size. The dishes feature mostly noodles, with vegetables and meat being on the light side. Yes, this restaurant chain was voted one of the healthiest fast food chains in America by Health Magazine! A sad commentary on our American diet. Anyway, the Bangkok Curry my husband finds flavorless and my mushroom stroganoff is just OK and a bit peppery. They  make a macaroni and cheese whose texture and flavor are below par for a place that specializes in noodles. Once again I leave thinking it could be much better. I am stumped by why this particular noodle chain has survived when other much better competitors are gone.

Atmosphere - 7
Service - 6
Price - 6
Presentation - 7
Food - 6
Overall - 6

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