Friday, July 20, 2012

Poccadio Moroccan Grill

For lunch this week, Corrin and I decided to try the new Poccadio Moroccan Grill & Sandwiches owned by the same individual who owns Saffron Café, which we have enjoyed in the past. "Poccadio" is a Morrocan word for fast food and this is a casual eatery that allows you to build your own sandwich, salad or platter. It is located in a very busy Broad Ripple plaza. Once we secured a parking spot we headed in and were met by very pleasant Middle Eastern décor with rich colors and tile. Most of the tables were of the elevated type where you have to perch and eat your food.  At the front of the restaurant was a make-your own sandwich, salad or plate ordering area similar to some other chains. We had barely looked at the menu when we were asked if we would like to try a sampler plate.
The sampler plate itself could have been lunch for both of us in that it contained every piece of grilled meat available as well as sides, garnishes and condiments.  We settled on the Marrakesh Special (grilled kofta made of ground beef topped with lettuce, tomato, picked onions, hummus, and heera, and an eggplant (zaalouk) sandwich topped with a yogurt cucumber sauce, both on pita. Corrin ordered a mint iced tea. Strangely, we were given the option of more traditional leavened house-baked breads (Moroccan baguettes?) as well as pita bread. The service was slow even though the place was rather empty at noon.  Staff was friendly which always helps. As expected our sandwiches were quite tasty although we both agreed the pita was dry and hard – a plus for my sandwich that was oozing juices.  Corrin enjoyed the flavorful tea although it was pretty sweet.  My kids were whining because there were not really good options for them, picky children that they are, although a staff person kindly offered my toddler an orange.  Most sandwiches were about $8.00 and platters were $12.00 which we found a little steep for lunch. I brought the leftovers home to my husband, and he loved them! All in all, Poccadio is a welcomed addition to the Broad Ripple area, with interesting and flavorful food choices.

Atmospshere -  7
Service – 6 (due to slowness which should improve with time)
Presentation – 7
Price – 6
Food – 8
Overall – 7

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