Tuesday, July 24, 2012

BRICS, a Fun Ice Cream Joint

BRICS, which stands for Broad Ripple Ice Cream Station, is a cool ice cream shop that moved into the old train station on the Monon. It is locally owned and features premium ice cream, about 40 flavors, from Sherman's in Michigan. They also features your typical sundaes, milkshakes and other good ice cream concoctions. They sell fair trade coffee, tea and hot chocolate as well. I took my children today and we had the cotton candy confetti ice cream on a handmade sugar cone and the white cake batter with chocolate fudge. I also sampled the coconut almond fudge. I was not wowed by any of the flavors but I did appreciate that they were not as sweet as some brands of ice cream.  I also loved what they have done to the place, inside and out. The decor inside is pleasing to both the young and old alike with soothing blues and browns and interesting, comfortable seating. The outside  is pleasant inviting passers-by with its deck tables and chairs. I especially appreciated the fact that this place is very environmentally aware and actively recycles. I like this place enough to come back and find a flavor I love. Suggestions?

Atmosphere - 9
Service - 7
Price - 7
Presentation - 7
Food - 6
Overall - 7 Brics on Urbanspoon

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