Friday, June 29, 2012

Oakley's Delights

Oakley's Bistro on 86th St. has been one of my favorite restaurants in Indy for several years. It is privately owned, consistently good, uses seasonal local ingredients, is creative, and has a nice atmosphere. They also have great cooking classes too. I like going at lunch when you get a snapshot of the restaurant for much cheaper prices than in the evening. Today I took my co-worker out to lunch at Oakley's. She loves creme brulee and I had informed her that Oakley's has a fine one. At lunch it is fairly empty which I always find depressing. I love its decor - subdued yet warm with rich browns and some blue. There is quiet music in the background. We are placed in a cozy booth and begin to check out the menu. It consists of soups, salads, tarts, and small entrees and various combos. Most under $10. Each ingredient in a dish is interestingly listed as a separate item. I choose the tomato basil soup beautifully served in a pewter tureen. My co-worker and I both order the chicken turnover which is a lovely puff pastry of a thing stuffed with chicken, brie, and spinach topped with a nice mustard and slices of pickled beet and paired with a lovely and colorful salad of local greens, carrots, radishes and pea shoots. To finish we order the day's featured creme brulee, one that is topped with chocolate mousse. Sadly, my friend finds the creme brulee a little too egg-y for her taste but to my taste buds it is ambrosia - just the right crack when I break the carmelized surface and a creamy chilled vanilla bean custard underneath. Luckily, I have them serve the mousse on the side since I am a creme brulee purist. The mousse is nice but not as silky as I would like. Ah - another good meal in Indy. If I do have a complaint about Oakley's it is the service. It tends to be impersonal and not as attentive as I would expect for a high-end restaurant. It also can be relatively slow for lunch. Maybe next time dinner?


Atmosphere - 8
Presentation - 10
Price - 7 (for lunch)
Food - 9.5
Service - 6
Overall - 9

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