Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A Superlative Place? Best Chocolate in Town...

If you recall, Corrin and I had darted into a local chocolate shop before our dinner at R Bistro last week - and not just any shop, but a place that dared call itself Best Chocolate in Town. I felt compelled to go back and review the chocolate shop on Mass Ave. This place began in 1998 and its owner has a background in fine arts and a love of chocolate. She has been there ever since, back in the kitchen rolling out her handmade chocolates. She extols her service and the friendliness of her establishment. The shop specializes in unusual flavors and truffles, there is a Gorgonzola chocolate truffle, and chocolates with cayenne or wasabi to name a few. Corrin and I each bought one of the dark chocolate bars found in a basket right by the cash register. My flavor was dark chocolate and pistachio with a small note on its label "with dried cherries". I was eager to try it - yes, the name of the place, of course, built up huge expectations - and it was a numbered batch, 5/15. This was serious business. I gingerly tore off the cellophane and ate a small square. I bit down on a large dried cherry and, in fact, noticed the bar's surface was marred by multiple, dried cherries. I thought it was supposed to be chocolate with pistachio? And the taste? Well--good, but certainly not the best I had ever had! I quickly thought that a Cadbury bar, before the company was bought out, could rival this. My sister's dark chocolate bar with almonds and smoky paprika was inedible! How does one make a chocolate bar taste so bad?

OK, I admit I must sample more, especially the truffles, before reaching a conclusion, but I already have my doubts. I looked at the other reviews on other sites and this place is ecstatically loved, often getting 5 out of 5 stars. And there are awards, too. Reviewers often site the gelato as wonderful - but hey guys, the gelato is not even in-house. It is a product of DaVinci Bistro, another local restaurant. Of good note, is that this shop has gift packages that when bought result in a 20% donation to lupus or breast cancer research. The ambiance is plus, minus. I liked the exposed brick and cases of chocolate; however, one could peer right into the kitchen where it looked somewhat dirty and unorganized. Best Chocolate in Town, I appreciate your effort to be friendly, charity-minded, and hand-made, but the proof is in the chocolate.

Atmosphere - 6
Service - 8
Price - 6
Presentation - 9
Food quality - 5
Overall - 6

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