Thursday, January 19, 2012

Pair Zoup with Whichwich?

My sister, Corrin, and I were looking for a quick lunch on Indy's Northside while shopping. Near Miejer's on North Meridian we spotted an intriguing name of Whichwich. "How catchy!", we said, but we really wanted some soup since it was snowy and cold. Luckily, we spotted Zoup next door and had a plan. We would restaurant hop, sharing a sandwich and soup. We headed into Whichwich and were accosted by an overly zealous employer with a red marker and paper bag asking if we had ever been there and eager to inform. The fast food restaurant has a novel idea in that you grab a bag with various sandwich permutations and mark what you want along with your name. The bag gets handed to the friendly production line and the personally-designed sandwich is placed in your bag. You may not wish to hang around and eat, since the decor is minimalist and the seating inadequate. We choose the "Comfort" category of sandwich and picked a barbeque pork, pickles, and coleslaw sandwich on wheat, large size. There were many choices within each category of sandwich ranging from vegetarian, to Italian, to meaty. The sandwich was enjoyed with its good quality sliced pork and fresh and not too oniony cole slaw. Corrin especially liked the bread. We agreed that the barbecue sauce was too mild and sweet, and the meat spare. Next stop, next door - the soup kicthen, Zoup. Zoup has a choice of twelve soups, daily. They also feature sandwiches. I sampled the chicken pot pie soup but it was too salty. We opted for the mushroom barley soup with its fair amount of mushrooms, carrots and celery but not enough barley. I thought the broth was cloying and oily but Corrin liked it. Of note was the very small portion - especially for the price of $5.00. The piece of tasty bread that came with it was almost as large as the soup portion! We agreed that the soup was slightly better than Campbells's.  Out of the two national chains with both great concepts, Whichwich got our vote, although we would try different sandwiches next time. Zoup was a disappointment.

Atmosphere - 3
Service - 7
Price - 7
Presentation - 7
Food quality - 7
Overall - 7

Which Wich? on Urbanspoon

Atmosphere - 6
Service - 7
Price - 3
Presentation - 6
Food quality - 5
Overall - 5.5

Zoup! Fresh Soup Company on Urbanspoon

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