Sunday, May 13, 2012

The New Eggshell Bistro

Eggshell Bistro, in the heart of Carmel, is on Indianapolis Monthly's list of best new restaurants this year. I peeked in as I picked up cupcakes at Holy Cow Cupcakes next door. I love the look of this breakfast/lunch bistro. The first thing you notice is its cheery yellow metal chairs and its progressive edge. I looked in the bakery case and decided to pick up a few lemon poppy seed scones. They had a limited menu listed on a chalkboard. I was intrigued by its look and paid the steep $8 for my two scones on a fancy tablet where my bill appeared. Once home I tried out the scones which were pretty good, maybe a little eggy and probably not worth the price. I will put this on my list as a place I would like to go to try a meal without the toddler. I suspect however that I will find it overpriced and perhaps not quite as good as I would expect from its sophisticated face.

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  1. Paulina,
    I did take my toddler to eggshell! The staff was friendly and the owner very kind and talkative. I almost felt like I was in Europe. The orange juice (fresh squeezed) was a bit pricy buy my sandwich was quite a treat.
    We recently moved to the area and are looking for great restaurants. I'm happy to have discovered your blog.

    1. Thanks for your comments. I will definitely try the Eggshell with my toddler. Which sandwich did you have? Welcome to the Indy scene!


  2. Hi Paulina,

    I'm the main cook 5 days a week at Eggshell. I'm somewhat confused at the reviewers (previous to you) that label the bistro as "not kid-friendly". This is completely false. The restaurant was designed for a high-quality coffee and food experience. Kids just can't appreciate these things like adults can. It is a totally independent cafe that has been open for only 7 months! So you can see why I am confused when people demonify us for not having a kids menu.

    I am happy to cook scrambled eggs (which are not on the menu) for a cheap 5$ and french toast, toast and jam, bacon, fruit cups, grits and artisinal ice cream are all kid friendly.

    That being said, I recommend you try the Bershire (Pork Belly) or PLT (Pancetta, Arugula, Tomato) sandwiches. Bon Apetit!

  3. Dear Chef,

    Thanks so much for a reply! Seeing this level of interest by staff in what customers are saying about Eggshell really makes a difference. I applaud the concept of the restaurant and the willingness to meet patron needs. I will make an effort to come by. Grits and artisinal ice cream mentioned side-by-side is lovely!