Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Cooking Greek Carry-Out

I had a sick daughter and needed a quick dinner for the evening. I was heading past a relatively new restaurant, Cooking Greek on N. Meridian, that also offers cooking classes and thought I would see what they had as take-out. It is an interesting place - sort of a cavernous store front with two or three rooms not well defined. I was glad I was not eating in. It is limited in what you can take away unless you call ahead - of course, anything on the restaurant menu is available, though, if you are willing to wait. I ordered a few of the tiropita (cheese phyllo pies) and some falafel and gyros to go. There were also an assortment of desserts - baklava and cannoli that I skipped. Once home I reheated the items for dinner which may account for the dry falafel. It is very hard to get good falafel in this town! The gyros were average; the tiropita very good - actually one of the best phyllo pies I have had. The lettuce accompanying the falafel was not very fresh iceberg. For the price, the portions were quite small. There is an Easter feast coming up in April that sounds intriguing - they are roasting a lamb outside and there will be traditional Greek sides and music, all for $30 per person. However, based on my initial visit, I am hesitant. Hmm...

Atmosphere - 5
Service - 6
Price - 5
Presentation - 6
Food Quality - 6
Overall - 6

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